What Is Toddies ?

Our Mission

We strive to continuously provide a safe, educating, and FUN facility to our loving community and their small children. We dedicate our love and abilities to each adventurous child and their growing minds. So we welcome ALL little people to our big place! 

We make it a goal to be the leading company to provide great customer service, endless environment, complete safety, as well as a new way to develop basic motor skills.


Our community

It all consists of the families that make us who we are. The ones who love to have fun, learn, and spend quality time with each other. The ones who will grow up together and explore all around us. The ones who stand STRONG and PROUD as partners of autism awareness and social development. The ones that we will continue to invest in.

Toddies is not just a place for parents and their little ones to come have fun, but to also walk away with a new learned skill, friend, and incite to what little people can do.

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